Sunday, September 20, 2009

You have a friend in Ontario

Robert and his Wife. Hamilton Pier, Ontario, Canada.

I had the intention of cruising west through Southern Canada and cross back into the USA from Windsor into Detroit but I was so underwhelmed by the drive along the northern coast of the Great Lakes that I came back through Niagara Falls and Buffalo. Just south of Toronto on the coast of Lake Ontario I stopped at the Hamilton Pier as the sun was setting. I had heard before that Ontario has some of the friendliest people in the world and as I pulled off the interstate to check out the view at night from under a dark overpass I found out for myself that the rumor is true.

I met Robert and his Wife who were spending a little time from home in their home away from home camper. He gave me a bit of insight about the differences between Quebec and Ontario because I had just left from Montreal that morning. Thanks again Robert for sharing with me and being an ear to talk to. I wish you all the best.

Hamilton Pier, Ontario, Canada. Photo by Robert.

I was anxious to get back to Cleveland, OH so I drove into the evening and spent the night just south of Buffalo, NY in Hamburg, NY. The next day I had a short trip into Ohio. I returned to my parents' home in Strongsville, OH and took the time to do some much needed maintenance on my bike.

Total miles traveled so far is 4,600 miles.

Oil change on a makeshift bike stand in my Father's garage.

Wildlife in Strongsville, OH.