Saturday, September 12, 2009

3,000 miles later...

Myself catching a photo of myself.

On September 1st I set out from Los Angeles to New York City and back on my motorcycle. Some would assume I am in search of some sort of personal exploration but this is not a spiritual adventure for myself. Others would suggest I probably just want to be like Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman.

Long Way Round
Well maybe I would.

I just like riding my motorcycle and wanted to see what it was like to ride everywhere else other than Southern California.

Sunset in Utah at the end of my first day.

I wasted no time getting across the country and logged in 805 miles on my first day of travel. I had setup a schedule to make it to my hometown of Strongsville, OH in four days in order to be with my family for Labor Day weekend. I really didn't spend much time off my motorcycle those first four days of riding. There was a quick stop in Frisco, Colorado (9,500 ft up) to have breakfast with my Aunt Karen and Uncle Tim who I don't get to see often enough.

Sunrise just before traveling through the Rocky Mountains.

After an eventful and great Labor Day weekend with my family in Ohio I left the morning of Labor Day towards the east coast and New York City. I didn't expect to get to New York City in only 5 days of motorcycle riding but opportunity was knocking in the Big Apple in the form of paid work.

View from the Williamsburg Bridge. Brooklyn in the front, Manhattan in the back.

I have spent the last week in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with my oldest brother Joe and his girlfriend Suzy. I'm so glad to have an older brother like Joe and really wouldn't have any reason to be here in New York without him.

Thank you Joe and Suzy for looking after me and giving me a place to stay while I was here.

Street watching with my brother in Brooklyn.