Saturday, September 19, 2009

Green Mountain National Forest

Traveling along Kelly Strand Road.

From New York City I headed north into Vermont to the Green Mountain National Forest. This was the first day of riding that wasn't a lot of miles and with no specific way to get there. I entered into the Green Mountains through the west on Kelly Stand Road, which is a dirt road that travels from East Arlington, VT through the forest to Stratton, VT. I was fortunate that it had been dry the previous week. I followed Kelly Stand Rd all the way to Grout Pond where I setup camp for the night and spent the rest of the evening exploring the countless trails along the route. You can easy spend a week in this area and find something new everyday, it was so beautiful.

Green Mountain National Forest

Grout Pond campsite

Hiking through bear country.


This is either a baby bear or a massive beaver. I was actually afraid to follow where it went.

Sunset over Grout Pond.

Stars in Vermont