Monday, September 14, 2009

Aerostich suit waterproof, iPhone not.


My motorcycling career started just over a year ago after I had moved to Los Angeles in August of 2008. I moved there from Chicago where I did most of my commuting on two wheels as well, but with much less horsepower and zero hydrocarbons. Riding a bicycle in LA isn't the most efficient way to get around when you consider the mountainous terrain and the distance to everyday locations. So I felt the only way to satisfy my need to travel quickly and efficiently was to start riding a motorcycle.

Southern California is arguably the best place to be a Motorcyclist. Aside from many different mountain roads to explore you can ride there all year long and never get stuck in a rain storm. Until the third day of my cross country adventure I had never experienced riding through the rain but instead of fearing it I embraced it.

I started off that morning in Lexington, NE with my planned destination that night to be Chicago. I knew this leg of the route would be the most challenging in terms of sheer boredom. The storm cloud that loomed over the east was really the only thing to look at. I had pulled over before I entered the storm to refuel and make a couple phone calls. After I pulled back onto the highway I travelled through over 100 miles of constant rain that ranged from down pour to little sprinkles. I was surprised by the amount of control and traction my tires gave me and I felt very comfortable charging on towards Chicago in the rain.

It was still raining a little bit when I pulled over to refuel again. I checked my zippered pocket for my phone and it wasn't there. I had put my phone in the regular pant pocket of my suit which is not sealed. When I pulled my phone out of my pocket water was actually dripping out of it.

Right after I realized I put my phone in the wrong pocket.

Not to worry though, I was able to make it to the Apple store in Chicago before it closed and they were happy to charge me for a replacement.