Thursday, September 24, 2009

Howdy Partner!

Erica arriving in Strongsville.

You really won't believe how easy it is to meet up with a friend when you are both a few thousand miles away from home. Erica, who also lives in LA, has been traveling across the country for over 40 days and 10,000 + miles. Just before she arrived to meet me in Strongsville, OH she was fortunate enough to get a couple days of work in Michigan which gave me a chance to head to Chicago and spend a few more days with some friends I don't get to see very often.

Bria, in Chicago, performing an emergency buncha Crunch purse cleaning.

I also got a chance to eat at some of the old favorites.

Kuma's Corner

Hot Dougs

New favorite, iCream

Chicago is getting rid of parking meters and using ticket stations for street parking. Some meters get left behind.

Endless beverages at the local liquor store by Hunter's new apartment.