Monday, September 28, 2009

Express site seeing

Still have a smile on my face.

Erica and I plan on riding to Maine together and then just go our separate ways. Everyday we have ridden together has been wet and in the 50s. It does get hard to stay positive when the clouds are pouring down on you relentlessly and the water starts to seep through your gloves and you wish that you had waterproof boots instead of the ones that looked cooler. Spirits could have been higher as we plowed through upstate New York towards the Adirondack Region. Neither of us looked forward to camping in the rain so Erica contacted a fellow ADV rider ( who had been following a forum she started about her trip. Shawn and Helen offered their warm and dry home to us, but it was in Montpelier, VT, and we were in the Adirondacks, and it was getting late. It was either set up the tent in the rain or push through a couple hours of night riding while it was wet out. We made it through the ride to Vermont that day after about 11 hrs of saddle time.

Even though we didn't have much time to explore the Adirondack Park Preserve it seemed like no matter which road you took it supplied amazing views of the forest and lakes that are scattered all over the park.

On the beaten path in the Adirondack Park Preserve.

Roadside view