Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting fresh rubber

By the time I had made it the 2,500 miles to Cleveland I was in need of a new rear tire. I had already put a couple thousand miles on the rear before I departed on this trip and all of highway riding I did really wore down the center of the tire. The sad part is that the wheel still had a thousand miles of cornering left in it! Days before arriving in Cleveland I ordered a new tire so that when I arrived it could be a quick swap.

Fortunately for me the one KTM aficionado I know lives in Cleveland and loves to work on his own bikes. Matthew has been giving me much appreciated advice since I bought my KTM and now he offered to help mount and balance my new tire.

I can't thank Matthew, JT, and Donnie enough. Thank you guys for looking out.

Matthew built his own garage making sure to leave extra space to work on his motorcycles.

Matthew, JT, and Donnie.

Matthew's Adventure: