Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another toy

My 2004 KTM 525EXC.

Last Saturday I brought home my first dirt bike. On Sunday, I fell in love with riding my first dirt bike.

I went riding with my friend Terry in Angeles National Forest at Rowher Canyon O.H.V. park. Even though it was hard to find a place to unload in the parking lot that Sunday it was easy to find trails where no one else was around.

Terry's 1999 KTM 300MXC (2 stroke).

Terry and I are both KTM fans.

On Monday, my body felt like I had run a race after doing a couple hundred push-ups. I had no idea how physical and fun riding in the dirt was. Don't worry Mom and Dad there are no cars that can crash into me when I'm riding up the side of a mountain.

Rowher Canyon OHV park